Keep Kids Alive Drive 25

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 (KKAD25)

Traffic issues, and speeding in particular, have long been one of the top citizen complaints to City Council and area law enforcement.  In 2003 the City of Colorado Springs initiated an aggressive program to reduce speeding in neighborhoods, and to help improve the overall safety environment in the community.  This “Neighborhood 25” project is a partnership between the Police, Traffic Engineering, Municipal Court, Public Communications, and DRIVE SMART Colorado Springs.

In April, 2003, City Council voted to adopt the “Neighborhood 25” program, which reduced neighborhood speed limits and increased speeding fines ($10 for every mile per hour over the speed limit).  To give teeth to the new laws, they put the increased fine revenue right back into the program to fund what are known as the “3E’s” of effective traffic safety campaigns:  Education, Engineering and Enforcement.

City Council requested that the Education element of the program be led by DRIVE SMART, so with a new mandate, and funding to go along with it, the DRIVE SMART Colorado Springs Alliance began in earnest.  We started discussions with Tom Everson, the originator of KKAD25, to use his artwork and the name as our official campaign slogan.

kkaliveThe KKAD25 yard signs continue to be very popular in Colorado Springs. For information on how to purchase a yard sign or other KKAD25 materials: